Within a matter of just a few hours you can be a radically different kind of trader. A Forex trader who executes high probability trades and finds success.
is here to change your luck and transform
YOU into a profitable Forex trader!

As you know from my Telegram channel, my hobby is testing out different trading strategies.

When I test systems, I try to give enough time to see if it will work. You know, strategies need time to be fleshed out. The impatient trader or tester always loses.

I came up with my own strategy a year ago and the more I tested it, the more impressed I became! But of course, I tried not to get too excited.

We all know how difficult it is to turn a strategy that works well in tests into a strategy that should bring profit in real life. A forex system is only good when it makes profit and earns real money, right?

One day when I opened my MT4 to check how my trades did the previous week, I realized this trading model was ready for me to put my name on and bring public. I was thrilled to see that the system had been as good as I had anticipated it would be!

After doing some basic calculations, reviewing risk to reward, and counting the number of winning trades, I felt relieved.

This was it. I had done it right.
Hi, my name is Tommy Hamilton...
...and today I would like to share with you my guarded secret.
I am ready to present Forex Vermillion to you.
Forex Vermillion Trading System
Let's get down to business. You are on this page because you want to see something that can help you make more profit.
That is exactly why Forex Vermillion is here.

Forex Vermillion is a trading system that kills judgment because it is rooted on a profitable, proven, rigid trading formula.
3 different non-repainting indicators were combined for long-term, consistent profit:

This powerful BUY/SELL indicator helps you identify trend formations - quickly and accurately. The secret behind its precision is based on price action and multiple sophisticated trading algorithms to determine these significant turning points in the markets. That way, you can be sure you have the best chance to join the trend with perfect timing!

I was able to decrease occasional false trading signals by up to 90% (!!!) by incorporating a built-in intelligent filter. This is a double check on the signal to verify that the signal has a high probability of succeeding.

If the filter does not align with the trade signal, then the trade is not valid and should be avoided. This simple filter increased my win rate significantly and will give you an upper hand when trying to avoid the market from tricking you into a bad trade.

Forex Vermillion Dashboard shows the current trend direction for all timeframes for 7 specified symbols. When you press the timeframe button, the indicator switches to the specified symbol and timeframe. In the settings, you can define which TFs you need to be displayed.

This effective tool can act as an additional filter to confirm the signal allowing you to follow the current trend:

One signal alone to buy or sell is not good enough. You need a confirmation to reinforce the validity of buy or sell signal.

This alone can make the difference between winning and losing.

Before bringing Forex Vermillion to the market it has proven itself to be accurate in ANY market conditions because of one simple reason…

Even through the vast volatile economic news releases of 2022. How is this possible, you might ask?
Because of the core principles of forex trading. Without getting into incredibly boring and complicated technical detail, let me tell you that these principles take into account price action, volatility and short-term trending. All you need to know is why and how this system is going to transform your portfolio this year.

Let’s now jump into the fun stuff – what you’re going to get from me:

Starting 2023 with profit with the help of Forex Vermillion Full System! This software just never stops generating money-making opportunities! Please look at these recent wins (I now trade with 0.5 lot size and 1:500 leverage):
Fresh Results With Forex Vermillion System
USD/JPY pair, M1 timeframe, +82 pips or $389 total profit
GBP/USD pair, M5 timeframe, +160 pips or $807 total profit
NZD/USD pair, M15 timeframe, +149 pips or $744.5 total profit
CHF/JPY pair, M30 timeframe, +390 pips or $1819 total profit
USD/CHF pair, H1 timeframe, +402 pips or $2124 total profit
The most awaited piece of software is here! Please welcome my new
Now you have an incredible opportunity to use Forex Vermillion System to the fullest! Automate the most accurate signals by simply attaching Forex Vermillion Automizer to the chart!

Please look at its fantastic features:


No Confirmation - if you choose this option, the Forex Vermillion Automizer will enter all signals generated by Forex Vermillion Trend Indicator. Good choice for action-takers!

Filter Confirmation - in this mode Forex Vermillion Automizer will enter only the trades which direction is confirmed by the Forex Vermillion Filter. This option is used by default.

Full Confirmation - the safest trading mode. This way Forex Vermillion Automizer will enter the signals only when they are confirmed by both the Vermillion Filter and the Dashboard!

+ 2 Auto Exit Options (TakeProfit and Opposite Signal)
+ Max Spread Protection
March 2023: FRESH Update! What's new:
Dynamic TP & SL settings - the values automatically adapt to the current market conditions and volatility;

Money Management - risk per trade setting is added;

News Filter - you can now filter out the High Impact
and Medium Impact News;

New Exit Option "Filter Confirmation" - allows exiting the trade at the Opposite signal only when it is confirmed by the Vermillion Filter indicator;

New "Hodrick Prescott Filter" - works perfectly well with the
Vermillion System;

Trailing Stop feature - already works miracles for the Forex Vermillion users;

Latest Reviews on Forex Vermillion
Users' Reviews on Forex Vermillion
I receive enthusiastic messages almost every week! Vermillion Users couldn't be happier and I'm no exception! Just look at these recent wins (I trade with 0.2 lot size and 1:500 leverage).
August Results With Forex Vermillion System
GBP/CHF pair, M1 timeframe, +53 pips or $112 total profit
GBP/USD pair, M5 timeframe, +176 pips or $352 total profit
AUD/USD pair, M15 timeframe, +187 pips or $374 total profit
AUD/JPY pair, M30 timeframe, +381 pips or $707 total profit
EUR/USD pair, H1 timeframe, +276 pips or $552 total profit
With Forex Vermillion System you can become a really successful swing trader!
Enter and exit the trades at key levels, ignore the choppy market and get big profit wins:
My Results With Forex Vermillion System (H4)
CHF/JPY pair, H4 timeframe, +1941 pips or $3621 total profit
GBP/JPY pair, H4 timeframe, +1652 pips or $3081 total profit
Forex Vermillion is a perfect system for those traders who love taking advantage of the price movements while staying at the safe side! See how much $$$ you can earn from the precise trades on H1 timeframe:
My Results With Forex Vermillion System (H1)
AUD/JPY pair, H1 timeframe, +342 pips or $640 total profit
AUD/CAD pair, H1 timeframe, +200 pips or $294 total profit
These are the exact trades taken by Forex Vermillion System users on M30 timeframe.
How would you feel making $400+ from just one downward movement?
My Results With Forex Vermillion System (M30)
GBP/CHF pair, M30 timeframe, +229 pips or $485 total profit
EUR/JPY pair, M30 timeframe, +411 pips or $769 total profit
When creating Forex Vermillion System, I had one idea in mind: this software should satisfy ALL traders' needs!
That's why it works excellent on all instruments and timeframes! Take a look at its performance on M15,
intraday traders will benefit greatly from it:
My Results With Forex Vermillion System (M15)
AUD/JPY pair, M15 timeframe, +300 pips or $564 total profit
AUD/USD pair, M15 timeframe, +135 pips or $272 total profit
XAU/USD pair, M15 timeframe, +1008 pips or $2016 total profit
My Results With Forex Vermillion System (M1/M5)
As you can see, Forex Vermillion can be used for scalping trading too! Here are some of my fast and easy wins on M5 and M1!
(I trade with 0.2 lot size and 1:500 leverage)
GBP/USD pair, M1 timeframe, +78 pips or $156 total profit
EUR/USD pair, M1 timeframe, +34 pips or $68 total profit
NZD/USD pair, M5 timeframe, +167 pips or $335 total profit
XAU/USD pair, M5 timeframe, +290 pips or $580 total profit
A Complete Trading System Designed For
Maximum Reliability And Profit
Most trading software handles just one aspect of your trading such as watching
for market reversal signals. The problem with this single-aspect approach is that it lacks an overall strategy to maximize each tactic. Forex Vermillion System doesn't have this problem!

Each trading tool is aligned with an overall trading strategy meaning that every action works together to deliver SUPERIOR results!
Who is the Forex Vermillion System For?
My new Forex Vermillion is for anyone who is interested in trading Forex for extra income, or even someone looking for financial freedom.

Whether you are new to trading or you already have experience, but still have trouble being consistent with your winnings, this trading system is certainly for you.

Forex Vermillion has been built to find fantastic trading opportunities while doing it with minimal time and minimal risk from your side.

Once you employ this tool, you will realize the reliability it brings to your daily trading, and see how powerful it is in helping you to make profit.

From day one, all you need to do is follow its signals and approve the trades. That's it!

I'm sure Forex Vermillion will make your trading exponentially successful
and super convenient!
It is very easy to use Forex Vermillion. You'll be provided with a user manual with detailed instructions how to install and configure the software.
It is a one-time payment and all future updates of Forex Vermillion are completely free for you. You get life-time free updates and support.
Easy-To-Use Tool
Life-Time Free Updates
Forex Vermillion Comes With
Let's review what you will get after purchasing Forex Vermillion System:
Forex Vermillion System consists of 3 highly effective indicators that work together amazingly well generating consistent returns for each user!
You can contact me personally whenever you want, regardless of the type of question or issue you wish to report. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Highly Effective Trading System
24/7 Personal Support
Email And Mobile Notifications
Forex Vermillion System will inform you about all the best trade entries. Therefore, you will not need to sit in front of your computer all day monitoring the market.
30-days Money-back Guarantee
I'm happy to assume all the risk. If you are not satisfied with Forex Vermillion for any reason, then I will return your money. No questions asked!
Trades by Forex Vermillion System
Forex Vermillion is here to show you how easy and profitable your trading can become in just a few minutes from now.
Please have a look at the screenshots below and see how this system works in live action:

Because the indicator combines price action with multiple market timing criteria,
it works very well at identifying high-probability day trading opportunities.

And it's extremely flexible: works on ANY currency pair and timeframe. It also works on indices, stocks, commodities, and futures.

Let's look at another pair. As you can see, Forex Vermillion indicator works exceedingly well at detecting trend formations early, even before anybody else can see what's going on. Look at this chart to see what I mean:
So far we've been talking about how well the indicator works on lower timeframes like 1-minute or 15-minutes. But maybe one of the most exciting features of the Forex Vermillion System is that...

It's very useful for day trading the markets using 1-hour time-frame:
Here's another example on USD/JPY pair. Three easy wins just by following the Forex Vermillion Trend indicator's buy and sell alerts.
All three signals were confirmed by Forex Vermillion Filter indicator and resulted in some real profit!
GBP/USD pair, M5 timeframe, +134 pips total profit

In this example, the Forex Vermillion Trend indicator managed to identify 3 market reversals with outstanding precision.
Just as the indicator predicted, the signals were followed by strong upward and downward market moves:

AUD/USD pair, M15 timeframe, +228 pips total profit
USD/JPY pair, M30 timeframe, +557 pips total profit
GBP/AUD pair, H1 timeframe, +804 pips total profit
Don’t trade just to trade. Be patient. There will always be more trade opportunities. Wait for a trade confirmation. I offer you 2 ways to confirm that a trade is valid or invalid.
Trading with too high risk will end up costing you a lot of money with just a few bad trades. Proper risk and reward will keep you going strong even if you have a bad week or month.

Stop trying to win 100% of your trades, it won’t happen. There will be losing trades. If there are, accept it, move on and keep going, instead of giving up and saying this doesn’t work.

Stop rushing into trades
Stop trading recklessly
Stop with unrealistic expectations

3 Main Tips for Successful Forex Trading
FOREX. The wildest, most exciting trillion-dollar money machine that ticks 24 hours a day, almost 6 days a week.
The amazing thing is that we can dip into this market to take incredible profits while leveraging only small amounts of money. But this is possible only while following these 3 simple tips:
I believe that even with the overburden of proof, nothing beats having your very own experience. Do you agree? If so, simply try out Forex Vermillion yourself!
So, here's your checklist: Open a demo account or a live account, try the software, and verify everything I have told you is 100% true!
I offer you a Challenge. If you still don't think that this trading software can eliminate the stress of securing full time income, ask for your money back. There are no strings attached and no fine print.
Try It Out
Step 1
Step 2
How Much Is It Worth To You To Get
I wanted to price this tool at a decent rate based on its performance. But what’s more important, to my mind, is that the software should be affordable for those Forex traders who are just starting out or struggling to make ends meet.

I decided to offer Forex Vermillion System for just $249! That’s a very tiny investment compared to the success you’ll have and the profit you’ll make employing the Forex Vermillion System!

But please note that the price will not stay at this level for too long. Because I really think I am under-valuing the system to a great extend.

So, grab Forex Vermillion while the price is still low...
A Choice To Make Today
Investing in Forex will never disappear. The financial markets and world are dependent upon the Forex market existing. There will always be money to be made from it as long as you have the right tools.

And I’m offering you today a right tool because Forex Vermillion System will make trading currencies your low-risk income stream that requires very little work on your part.

Even someone with almost no trading experience can read the simple trading rules given in the user manual and follow the system’s signals to consistently make good stable profit.

And, besides, you have absolutely zero risk when you make the purchase today.
With the 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee, you can try it out for a whole month!

Order Forex Vermillion TODAY and make consistent profit trading for just a few hours a day. It’s up to you. It’s due time you start living the life of a professional and successful Forex Trader.

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Super Effective and
Profitable Trading Strategy

100% Non-repainting
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Compatible to Any MT4
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Works on All Instruments
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Life-time license for
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30-days Money-
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